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WaterGym Belt - FAQ's

WaterGym Water Aerobics Flotation Belt in Blue Green Pink and Purple Tropical Colors!

1. Is The WaterGym Belt a life saving device?
No. Our WaterGym Belt is NOT a lifesaving device, nor is it approved by the United States Coast Guard or any other agency as a life saving device or certified personal flotation device. This is because the design of the WaterGym Belt will not prevent drowning because the buoyancy factor and its distribution in the belt is not sufficient to float a conscious or unconscious person in a "face out of the water" position.

The WaterGym Belt is a recreational exercise product intended to be used by qualified swimmers for exercise purposes only, and should never be used by children or anyone who cannot swim unless strictly and properly supervised at all times. Please do not buy and/or return your WaterGym Belt if you do not agree to these terms. User assumes all risks involved in using The WaterGym Belt

2. What sizes do your WaterGym Belts come in?
Click here for our SIZE CHART.

3. I just need the black strap. Do you sell those separately?
4. Is there a "weight limit to the WaterGym Belt?
There is no “weight limit” to our belt because your weight in water is different than on land. While suspended in deep water, you weigh only about 10% of your actual body weight. Therefore the amount of flotation you require depends primarily your body composition, specifically your lean mass to body fat ratio, which determines your buoyancy. You may be a:
    • "SINKER" (higher ratio of lean mass to body fat- requiring more flotation)
    • "FLOATER" (higher ratio of body fat to lean mass- requiring less flotation)
    • “NEUTRALLY BUOYANT” (balanced)
5. How do I know that the WaterGym Belt will float me enough?
It's impossible for us to know how high our belt will float you in the water, as that depends primarily on your body composition. GOOD NEWS! We get very few returns, as our belt floats most everyone. Try it and return it if you’re not completely happy. SEE OUR RETURN POLICY.

6. I am a non-swimmer. Can I use the WaterGym Belt?
Please see #1 above.

7. Can my children use the WaterGym Belt?
Please see #1 above.

8. Can I use the WaterGym Belt while snorkeling?
Please see #1 above so you understand that the WaterGym Belt is not a lifesaving device, you are responsible for all risks involved in using the belt, and it should never be used in risky environments or situations requiring a safety vest or lifesaving device. However, if you're an adult swimmer, and in an area where there's proper supervision and it's safe to snorkel without a lifesaving device, then please know that for the last 16 years, our customers worldwide have used our belt for snorkeling. They love that it's super comfortable and allows them to stay afloat with minimal effort for long periods of time.

Here's a great comfort tip. When snorkeling, turn the belt around so the back panel is in front. This back panel is slightly thicker, and having it right underneath your belly while lying at the water's surface gives a nice lift right under your belly. This provides the much needed support your torso and low back need to stay in alignment for long periods of time while face-down in the water. Without the belt, our bellies tend to relax and our backs tend to sway, which can result in low back pain after a long day of snorkeling
9. How deep does my pool have to be to use the WaterGym Water Belt & System?
To determine whether WaterGym can be performed in your pool, you must take into consideration both your height and your pool's depth. Your pool depth only needs to be deep enough that if wearing a WaterGym Belt and extending your legs straight down, your feet wouldn’t touch the bottom. This is usually around shoulder depth for most folks because the belt lifts you up. Here's a good test...
    • Stand in your pool at the deepest part of the pool.
    • Try holding two kickboards or any other type of float product under your arms. Do you lift up enough to where your feet don't touch the ground? If so, you should be able to do WaterGym!
If your pool is more shallow than described above, you can still perform most exercises by altering them slightly. However, if your pool depth is waist high, it is too shallow for WaterGym. We'll be making some shallow-water workouts in the future, so keep in touch!

10. Can I use the WaterGym system without a WaterGym Belt?
WaterGym® is performed in deep water, so we don’t recommend participating without a belt unless you’re a strong swimmer and completely safe and comfortable in deep water. However, many customers get greater fitness results using the WaterGym Belt. Here’s why…
In WaterGym®, you learn special techniques on how to work the water surrounding your body like a powerful gym. Every move you make is an opportunity to burn calories, build lean muscle and increase flexibility. The more specific your moves, the more you strengthen specific muscle groups and the greater your results. Our WaterGym Belt holds you up, stabilizes your torso, helps you maintain proper alignment, and allows you to focus 100% of energy on powerfully working your arms and legs against the resistance of the water.
Without the belt, your moves become less specific and more focused on treading water to stay afloat. In addition, it’s extremely difficult to remain vertical without sinking, so you might tend to lean forward and compensate proper alignment and execution of your exercises. However there is an exception! These are the folks who’ve been highly trained in deep-water (ex: synchronized swimmers), or folks who’ve taken WaterGym for years are able to maintain proper alignment and perform powerful execution of their moves without a WaterGym Belt. They are the exception, so we highly advise all beginners to workout with the belt.
11. Does your WaterGym Belt have latex in it?
The BLUE FOAM part of our WaterGym Belt DOES NOT have latex in it, but the BLACK ELASTIC STRAP that comes standard in our belt DOES. This small amount of elastic in our strap makes it slightly stretchy for comfortable, easy breathing. 

GOOD NEWS! We have new NON-ELASTIC STRAPS that do not contain latex! Many of our customers who love the quality of our foam simply replace the black elastic strap with a non-elastic strap, as it is the elastic that contains the latex. Our belt comes standard with the BLACK ELASTIC STRAP, but simply order the replacement non-elastic strap and swap it out. If you are highly allergic to latex, please take personal precautions while swapping out the straps or have someone swap it out for you. Our straps come in two colors - NON-ELASTIC-STRAP-BLACK and NON-ELASTIC-STRAP-WHITE.
12. How do I care for my new WaterGym Belt?

13. How do I custom fit my new WaterGym Belt? 

14. How do I keep my  WaterGym Belt from riding up? 
If your WaterGym Belt rides up it is almost always a strap issue. We ask our customers to make sure their strap is strung correctly by reviewing our STRAP STRINGING INSTRUCTIONS. This fixes 99% of belt riding up problems. The only other possible problem is if you have purchased a belt that is too big. 
15. How do I know if I purchased a belt that is too big? 
It's an easy test. Hold onto the FOAM ends of your belt and wrap it around your waist. It the foam wraps all the way around and easily touches or overlaps in front, chances are, your belt is too big. Please call us to discuss.

16. I accidentally punctured/tore my belt. What should I do? 
17. Where are your WaterGym WATER WEIGHTS? They look similar to the foam your WaterGym Belts are made of.
We are super sorry but we are no longer able to manufacturer these excellent water weights. And yes, folks loved them because they were made of the high quality soft foam our WaterGym® Belt is made of. We are trying to get something similar made in the future. If you would like us to contact you when we do, please email us at:  and we will email you once available.

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