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WaterGym Teachers - Marin

WaterGym Teachers Marin County California
(Top, L-R)  Lisa Schuller • Nan Allen • Susanne Paynovich • Maggie McCann • Karen Silvey
(Bottom, L-R)  Yvonne Young • Sydney Cresci • Anne Slucky

WaterGym Water Aerobics Teacher Susanne Paynovich
Susanne Paynovich, B.A.
WaterGym® founder Susanne Paynovich, has 30 years experience teaching, training teachers and establishing and managing WaterGym® programs in health facilities throughout Northern California. She holds a B.A. in Dance, A.A. in Music, is A.C.E. and A.E.A. certified, has a background in sports, swimming and has appeared in commercials, film and yoga videos. Designer/manufacturer of the WaterGym® Belt, and producer/choreographer of WaterGym® DVD's and workouts, she is currently setting up a certification program to certify teachers both nationally and abroad.

WaterGym Water Aerobics Teacher Karen Silvey
Karen Silvey
Participating in many physical activities throughout her life, Karen discovered something very different about WaterGym. The ability to push her body to the fullest, feeling exhilarated and completely pain-free afterward was intriguing. A compelling belief in the fitness values of WaterGym inspired her to train as a teacher in 1995. In addition to teaching classes and participating as a student, Karen spends endless hours in the pool with Susanne (in "business meetings") creating new moves and refining the old. Karen's love and enthusiasm for WaterGym and her students are reflected in her highly motivating, high-energy classes. Karen teaches at Tiburon Peninsula Club and Terra Linda Recreation Center. Work? "No! This is the fun part of my day!"

WaterGym Water Aerobics Teacher Anne Slucky
Anne Slucky
Anne Slucky has been teaching WaterGym at MTRC for 16 years with a wonderful following of loyal clients and added Aqua Fit for arthritis and rehab. Marin County Native and swam through out her childhood at the TPC. She has a Hospitality Management background and later on received an A.S. at Marymount Manhattan College in Exercise Science. Aquatic Exercise Association, (AEA Certified). Red Cross (WSI) Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard and CPR trained.

WaterGym Water Aerobics Teacher Maggie McCann
Maggie McCann
Maggie is married and the proud mother of three children. A native of Marin, she has always loved the water and was delighted to find WaterGym! Maggie has been teaching WaterGym since 1999, after being a student for five years. Maggie trained with the Speedo International Aquatic programs, is AEA certified and along with a job as an early childhood educators, she loves everything and anything to do with the water! She can be found teaching at the Rafael Racquet Club and the Mt. Tam Racquet Club.

WaterGym Water Aerobics Teacher Sydney Cresci
Sydney Cresci
Sydney started exercising at age 11 when she lived in Europe, and throughout her life she has tried to exercise everyday in some form, be it walking, dancing, hiking, swimming or teaching and participating in fitness. Sydney was thrilled when she discovered WaterGym, and loved it so much that she became part of the teaching team. Sydney spent a year in Italy with her family came back and has been teaching at various clubs throughout the county for years and loves turning people on to this wonderful, fun, unique fitness program. "What I love the most about Watergym is the fact that you get cardio, resistance training and flexibility all in one one-hour class. Come join us you will love it!

WaterGym Water Aerobics Teacher Yvonne Young
Yvonne Young
Yvonne is a busy Real Estate agent in Marin County. From 1971-1984 she was an international Flight Attendant and she also holds a degree from UC Santa Barbara. After enjoying WaterGym classes as a student for over 14 years, Yvonne joined the teaching team in 2004. An avid jogger since the 1980's, the time came when she had to quit. She found WaterGym to be not only a better substitute, but "a workout that will keep me fit for the rest of my life! I have such a respect for this program, it gives me great pleasure to teach it to others." Her regular class is on Tuesdays at the Mt. Tam Racquet Club.

WaterGym Water Aerobics Teacher Lisa Schuller
Lisa Schuller
Lisa is the newest member to our teaching team and WHAT A DELIGHT! Lisa first learned of WaterGym while watching it from her spin class at MTRC. Ready to jump through the glass and into the pool... she has been hooked ever since. Lisa grew up swimming for the SF Merionnettes, a synchronized swim team and began coaching at 8 years old! Since then, she has taught and ran aquatic programs and currently is certified to teach WaterGym, Spin and Group Exercise. Lisa has lived in Marin for 22 years and has 2 wonderful teenage girls. You can find Lisa at the Rafael Racquet Club, Tiburon Peninsula Club and Mt. Tam Racquet Club.

Nan Allen
Nan holds a degree in microbiology, specializing in medical research including cancer research at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco. She taught skiing for five years in Lake Tahoe and is currently taking over the world as a "Realtor Extraordinaire", so is currently not teaching. In our hearts she will always be part of our team!