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WaterGym Belt - Sizes


To determine your size, take a CURRENT, accurate waist measurement. 
Then view our SIZE CHART & read important FAQ's below - ESPECIALLY #1.



0. Where is the page to order my WaterGym Belt?
You may ORDER YOUR BELT here, but DO NOT order without reading this page first so you get right size belt if we still have it.
1. Your belts may vary slightly in the same size range? Please explain...
The size of the FOAM (not strap) of our belts MAY vary (±1½ inches) in length and (±½ inch) in width in the SAME size range. This is because each belt is custom molded into its streamlined design using small batches of liquid foam, not mass-produced or stamped out from a single sheet of thick foam. Therefore, each belt may differ slightly in size, texture and color.

These slight variations do not affect the functionality of your belt. However, if you already have our belt or have tried our belt and want us to custom pick you one the EXACT same size, let us know BEFORE you order. See #6 below.

2. I am a MAN. Which size is best?
Most men need the MED/LARGE or X-LARGE size because of the extra buoyancy they provide. In water, men tend to be "sinkers" due to their body fat to lean muscle ratio (longer, denser bones & more lean muscle). We want to maximize the amount of foam on their belt.

Exception: You might require a SMALL if your waist is 31 inches or less and 5'5 in height or less. We also might have MED/LARGE belt that's on the smaller side that we can custom pick for you at no extra charge. Please call to discuss.

MEN: PLEASE MEASURE YOUR WAIST WITH A TAPE MEASURE BEFORE CALLING. Your "pant size" is NOT your waist measurement and can be flattering by up to 4 or 5 inches. Seriously! We chuckle every time...

3. I am a WOMEN with waist sizes of 31" or less. Which size is best?
You must wear the small because the foam will be too big for you. If your waist is below 26" call us. Sometimes we have extra small belts.

4. I am a WOMEN with waist sizes of 32" or more. Which size is best?
You can wear the SMALL, MED/LARGE or on VERY rare occasions, the XL. Below is some information to help you decide. Base your decision upon your BUOYANCY needs and how far you want the blue foam to wrap around your waist.

To see approximately where the blue foam will end around your waistline with our sizes, wrap a tape measure around your waist and measure to 26" for our small and 32" for our MED/LARGE. Read the info about the XL below. 

Choose the SMALL if you:
  • Are comfortable treading water vertically in the deep end of your pool without any flotation at all, and it is fairly easy to do.
  • Don't care how far the foam wraps around your waist. (The foam does NOT have to go all the way around. We have gals with 45-50 inch waistlines who prefer the small- it barely comes to their sides. Our belt design does NOT tip you forward.)
  • Prefer LESS foam and bulk, and like a more streamlined look and feel around your waistline.
  • Don't need a lot of foam to float you because you are not a "sinker" (athletic, muscular, lean, not much body fat). About 85% of our female customers float very well with the buoyancy the small belt provides.
  • You like the feeling of freedom and want to feel like you are not wearing a belt at all!
  • NOTE: If you are a larger gal, we can custom pick a SMALL belt that the foam is on the longer side (and vice versa for smaller gals). Simply write PLEASE PICK LONGEST BELT AVAILABLE in the COMMENTS field when you order online. The COMMENTS field is at the end of your order. You can also call us to custom pick and hold a belt for you.

Choose the MED / LARGE if you:
  • Are NOT comfortable treading water vertically in the deep end of your pool without any belt at all.
  • Like the feeling of having the foam wrap as far around your waist as possible.
  • Prefer MORE foam and the greater sense of security it provides.
  • Want to ride higher in the water.
  • Are a “sinker” (athletic, muscular, lean, not much body fat) & need some extra flotation.

Choose the XL if you:
  • Are NOT comfortable treading water vertically in the deep end of your pool without any belt at all.
  • Are a “sinker” (athletic, lean, not much body fat) & need a LOT of extra flotation.
  • Don't mind the feeling of a lot of foam covering your not only your waist but much of your torso.
  • Prefer a big, jumbo belt with MORE foam because of the greater sense of security it provides.
  • Want to ride as HIGH AS POSSIBLE in the water.
  • NOTE: Our X-LARGE belt is MAINLY FOR MEN who need extra buoyancy and are "SINKERS" because it's 2" WIDER and 1/2" THICKER than our streamlined design of the other 2 sizes. Women RARELY prefer the XL because they don't want bulky foam around their waist, and don't need that much flotation. For 16 years, we only offered the SMALL and MED/LARGE size. It worked perfectly for 99% of all women. That said, if you want a LONGER belt, we can custom pick our longest MED/LARGE belt in stock for you. Quite often we have them close to the same length as the XL. PLEASE call to discuss as the XL belt is expensive to ship if you have to return it.

5. My waist is over 50 inches.
Choose the MEDIUM/LARGE or X-LARGE belt and purchase an additional WaterGym Belt Extender Strap. Simply connect your two straps together and weave them through the blue foam. Your belt now extends up to 74 inches.

6. I have a WaterGym® Belts and want another the EXACT same size, but they vary in the same size range. How can I do this?
We're happy to custom pick a belt for you! Just give us the EXACT measurements of your current belt by:
1. Laying it on a flat table, with the WHITE LOGO SIDE DOWN and the flat side facing up. You'll be measuring the inside (flat side) of your belt.
2. Stretch it fully flat. Measure the full length. longest part of the foam end to end, as well as the width.
3. Call us with your measurements on our direct line at: 1-415-388-1079 and we'll let you know if we have a belt that measures the same.

7. Is there a "weight limit" to the WaterGym® Belt?
There is no “weight limit” because your weight in water is different than on land. While suspended, you only weigh about 10% of your actual body weight. Therefore the amount of flotation you need depends on how buoyant your body is in water, which is primarily determined by your body composition, specifically your lean mass to body fat ratio. You may be a:
  • "sinker" (higher ratio of lean mass to body fat- requiring more flotation)
  • "floater" (higher ratio of body fat to lean mass- requiring less flotation)
  • “neutrally buoyant” (balanced)

8. How do I know your WaterGym® Belt will float me?
As you see from the previous question, it's impossible for us to know if our belt will float you. GOOD NEWS! We get very few returns, as our belt floats most everyone. Try it and return it if you’re not completely happy.

9. What if I choose the wrong size? May I exchange it for another size?
Yes. Make sure to call us if you need help in choosing your right size belt. If you live in the Continental U.S., we ship your initial belt out to you for free (you save from $8.00 to $12.40). However, size exchanges are not included in this, as you will need to pay to ship the belt back to us if you chose the wrong size. We will again ship out the correct size to you after we receive your returned belt back. We are super good at helping you pick the right size so call us toll free 1-888-928-3749 so we can save you the hassle. See our return and guarantee policies here.

10. If I am a larger gal, can I really wear size SMALL?
Many of you can! See #4 above and call us direct at: 415-388-1079 if you have any questions.

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