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WaterGym & Pregnancy

WaterGym Water Aerobics Exercise During Pregnancy
Is WaterGym advisable during pregnancy?
WaterGym can be an excellent form of exercise if you are having a healthy pregnancy without complications, and your doctor has cleared you to participate in our program.

Deep-water is an ideal workout environment for pregnant women because throughout their workout they're gently cushioned and supported. In addition, there is no impact on their joints, the coolness of water prevents overheating and they experience less water retention.

Another great benefit is many women find that they are so comfortable in water they can workout their entire pregnancy, so they gain less weight and get back into shape easier after the baby is born.

Over the years, WaterGym has helped many pregnant women maintain the vitality, strength and flexibility that they have needed to feel their best during and after their pregnancy. In fact, many moms have been with us for 2 or more pregnancies.

WaterGym Water Aerobics Exercise Pregnancy Guidelines
What safety guidelines are recommended during pregnancy?
  • Please do not participate in WaterGym during pregnancy unless you have been cleared by your doctor to do so. Your doctor knows what is appropriate for you, and you should always take your doctor's advice before participating in any exercise program.
  • Ask your doctor for your workout guidelines, and adhere to them during your workout. Remember, WaterGym is a general workout, that does not take into account everyone's special conditions or needs. Therefore, it is up to you to remember what your doctor has said you should or should not do during the workout. Please take into account your special condition and any restrictions you might have.
  • Please do not perform and exercise or body position that does not feel completely safe and comfortable. Feel free to always alter your workout at any time. For instance, if we are performing abdominal crunches, you may jog in place or stretch instead
  • Always workout a level that is comfortable, never harder. It is advisable to monitor your heart rate and make sure it does not elevate above the BPM's that your doctor recommends.
  • And finally, it is possible to maintain a healthy and moderate fitness regimen during pregnancy, however pregnancy is not a time to "get in shape". Pregnancy is a beautiful and special time, so please, take it easy, enjoy the water and have fun!