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35 Years of Water Aerobics Exercise for Water Fitness Enthusiasts!

Welcome to Your First Class!


Welcome to your first WaterGym® Class! We look forward to meeting you!
WaterGym classes are currently held in Marin County, California with plans to expand nationally.
Before attending your first class, please read this page. Questions? Call us at: 415-388-5099.


WaterGym Aqua Exercise for Weight Loss
What should I do before attending my first class?
    • Read this page. Call with any questions: 415-388-5099.
    • See our Marin County Class Schedule to decide which clubs/classes you'd like to attend.
    • Make sure to click on each CLUB to see SPECIFICS for that club. All clubs have different protocols!
    • PRE-register BEFORE attending your first class to receive your PIN number.
    • Also see our FAQs   WaterGym Benefits   Safety Tips  and  Workout Guidelines pages.
    • As with ANY new exercise program, a medical check is advised before starting

Lose Weight with WaterGym Water Aerobics Exercises
What can I expect for my first class?
    • A full-bodied, deep-water aerobic workout for healthy adults looking for a challenging workout.
    • A wide variety of exercises traversing back and forth through the pool and stationary power moves.
    • A wide variety of class participants at all levels and fitness abilities.
    • PLEASE arrive 10-15 minutes early to sign in, suit up and to give us time to ask you questions, fit you with a belt and get you into the pool.

Weight Loss with WaterGym Water Workouts
What should I bring to my first class?
    • Flotation Belt if you have one
    • Swimsuit or Swimsuit Alternate
    • Towel
    • Sunscreen, sunglasses, sun visor or anything you need to be comfortable in a sunny outdoor pool
    • Shower items if needed
    • Pad lock for lockers if needed
    • All clubs have dressing rooms and warm showers. You may take a quick shower after class, or wear a robe to class and shower at home. Some of the facilities have empty day lockers, so you may also bring a lock with you to lock up your belongings. Please do not bring any valuables with you to class.

WaterGym Aqua Exercise for all ages
I don't have a float belt. May I still come to class?
Yes! If you're new to WaterGym; you don't need to have a flotation belt for your first class. We bring a few extra WaterGym Belts for new students to try their first class. If you love the workout and want to continue coming, you need to purchase your own belt and bring it with you each class. You can purchase your own belt here.
Fun and Effective WaterGym Water Aerobics Workouts
I have special physical considerations. May I participate?
    • If you have ANY special considerations, call (415) 388-5099 BEFORE coming to discuss if our program is right for you. Special circumstances require a doctor's clearance.
    • NON-SWIMMERS: Participants must be comfortable in water. Please call BEFORE attending to discuss.
    • PREGNANT: See our WaterGym & Pregnancy page. Please call BEFORE attending to discuss.
    • SPECIAL CONDITIONS and INJURIES: Participants must be without injuries or special conditions that require careful one on one attention, as classes are large and this is not possible. If this is you, a water therapy class with a trained aquatic specialist is a better fit.

Doing Sit Up Crunches during WaterGym Water Aerobics
I'm a beginner. Is this workout going to be too hard for me?
Water is like an instantly-adjustable weight machine! Every direction you move a limb becomes an opportunity to strengthen and build balanced muscle groups. As a beginner, you'll simply push your limbs through the water lightly and work slowly. In addition, only work out for as long as comfortable. Keep paying attention to how you feel and pace yourself.

In a week or two you'll feel stronger, so you'll be able to push your limbs faster through the water, which is like lifting a heavier weight. The more you build strength and aerobic endurance, the faster and bigger you can move. So the water keeps meeting and challenging you as your fitness improves, which is why so many WaterGym participants have been in our program for years!

Powerful Water Aerobics WaterGym Workouts Gets Results
Do you ever cancel class?
Yes. We post our Marin County Class Calendar at the beginning of each month. It is 99% accurate. On rare occasions an instructor will have an emergency, the weather will be too extreme or a club will close a pool at the last minute. In those circumstances, we must cancel class at the last minute. We post this information on our WaterGym Voicemail at (415) 388-5099. When you get the voicemail, simply press OPTION 2 to hear last minute cancellations. If classes are resuming as normal, there will not be a posting.

WaterGym Water Exercise for Families
Can my family members take a WaterGym® Class with me?
YES! Everyone loves the water, and there is nothing more wonderful than an exercise program your whole family (no matter what size, shape or age!) can enjoy together. If your child is young, they're still welcome to WaterGym as long as he/she is healthy, able to exercise, knows how to swim and can follow a focused exercise class style format without disruptions.

Fun WaterGym Water Workouts
I am a Non-Member. May I still attend class?
Many of the facilities that hold WaterGym classes are member only facilities, yet almost all of our facilities welcome non-members to attend our classes. Each club listing indicates if non-members are allowed. Please know that these private club locations allow non-members on site for the WaterGym® class only. Non-members are not allowed to use the pool or facility before or after class for personal use, except to shower and dress. In addition, we are guests at these clubs and therefore have to abide by the following non-member policies.

Club Policies for WaterGym® Participants:
The following policies have been requested from our various clubs in Marin County. They apply to both members and non-members. These policies are crucial for our continued success, and to maintaining positive relationships among WaterGym and the staff and members of our clubs. We’ve had close to 35 great years in Marin and want to continue for many more, so please read and follow these few, simple policies with care. Thank you!
    • We are WaterGym® Ambassadors: While taking a WaterGym class, everything we do and say before, during and after class reflects on our WaterGym program. Please be kind and courteous to all club’s management, staff, members and to each other at all times, and please be especially grateful and curtious to our lifeguards. We’re a large group. Our collective actions and attitude greatly influence the club atmosphere. Please help us create a positive impact.
    • Locker Rooms: Please be self-sufficient, like a great house guest! Please tidy up after yourself in the locker rooms and minimize your time in the shower. Non-members must bring their own towels to clubs that provide towels only for their membership.
    • Lifeguards & Lane Lines: Our wonderful lifeguards watch over and help us set up for our classes. Sometimes they need a little assistance in moving lane lines or for class. Please lend a hand if you’re able. Also, when lane lines are in, please refrain from hopping over them as they can get damaged.
    • Lap swimmers: At some clubs, lap swimming and WaterGym share the pool. At others, lap swimmers vacate the pool for WaterGym. Lap swimmers must be allowed to swim undisturbed until our class begins. Please refrain from entering or crossing their lanes, and be kind and courteous while waiting for their land to clear.
    • Pool Temperature: All facilities strive to keep comfortable pool temperatures. These temperatures can vary from 77-84, which is standard for all pools and water exercise classes. If the pool seems cool when entering, run a few laps to warm up. If the water is still uncomfortable for you, ask the teacher to check the temperature. If needed, exit the pool and take a warm shower to properly care for yourself, as we don't want you chilled.
    • Class Time: If you’re a non-member taking class in a member-only facility, please exit the pool when class is finished unless a member has checked you in as a guest. Non-members are not allowed usage of pools outside of class time.
    • Sound Volume: Please be aware that some clubs are situated where sound carries like a loudspeaker. Please be sensitive to keeping sound levels low, especially in early morning hours.
    • Sign in Sheets: You must sign in and pay BEFORE entering pool. If there is a drop box, please drop bills unfolded into the box to save bookkeeping time.
    • Entering and Exiting Clubs: Many clubs want us to enter through the main entrance and sign in at the front desk. Please do not enter through employee entrances (side gates etc.) unless there is an emergency or you have been granted permission.