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WaterGym® Class Pre-Registration


Hello and Welcome to WaterGym®!

Beginning in 2022 all WaterGym participants must do a ONE TIME
pre-registration with WaterGym BEFORE attending their first class.

We're thrilled to be back teaching after a two year break during COVID. We've missed everyone! 

Much transpired since COVID and we've been required by our clubs to make a few changes. So beginning May 2022 everyone must pre-register with WaterGym BEFORE attending their first class.

For over 30 years, our "just show up to our WaterGym classes" policy worked great! However post COVID, no facilities allow folks to simply walk off the street and into their clubs/classes without agreeing to their club guidelines and COVID safety protocols. And we're no exception.

Since we're an outside program that allows folks directly into our classes, we are the gatekeepers into all these facilities. Therefore we're being required to follow protocol and have everyone do a ONE-TIME pre-registration that involves reading new guidelines set forth by our clubs and our program, and signing a liability waiver.

Simply download, read, fill in, sign and send back to us. Once we receive your form, we'll email you back a 3-digit PIN number. You'll write your new PIN by your name anytime you sign in for any WaterGym® class in Marin County.  It's your proof of pre-registration. You'll only need to do this once.

PRE-REGISTER at LEAST ONE WEEK before your first class to assure that you get your pin number in time. NO ONE will be allowed into our WaterGym® classes without a PIN number.


1. Click to download registration/waiver form onto your computer. WaterGym Registration & Waiver
2. Print out and read. If you agree to the new club policies and waiver, fill in, sign and date.
3. Return the form back to us. Instructions on how to send it back on page 2 of the form.
4. Your form must be complete, clear and legible to be accepted. Entire document must be large enough to be readable, printable and with no words cut off.
5. Within 1-7 business days, we'll email you your 3-digit registration pin number to use for all classes.
7. Print out our email for your records. Keep a copy in your swim bag in case you forget your pin! 


I'm new to WaterGym. Are there other things I should know before coming? Yes! And welcome to WaterGym. We look forward to meeting you! :) Please call 415-388-5099 before attending your first class so we can check in with questions you may have, to make sure you have a float belt, and to make sure the class you are planning to attend is not full. Also please click WELCOME TO WATERGYM as this is where ALL the WaterGym Class FAQs are for newbies.

Once I get my PIN number, do I have to register again if I want to attend WaterGym at multiple facilities? No. You are now free to drop into any of our WaterGym classes in Marin County.

Why do I have to sign in twice at some clubs?
Most all facilities we teach at have folks sign in for fitness classes on their own roster, and also in require us to tally the folks in our classes as well. Additionally, if you're a non-member at a facility, you may also need to do a one time registration with that club if it's your first time there. All clubs are different and things change without notice.

Still have questions?
Call: 415-388-5099.