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WaterGym Belt - Care Instructions

1. How do I care for my new WaterGym Belt?
Your new WaterGym Belt is custom molded out of a high quality, soft foam, which is one of the reasons our belt is one of the most comfortable flotation belts on the market today. The inherent nature of foam is that it can be damaged without proper care. So be sure to handle your belt with care and follow these few simple instructions to prolong the life of your belt.
  • Rinse with clean, fresh water after each use. Hang flat to dry.
  • STORE INDOORS away from extreme HOT or COLD environments, such as in a hot car. Don't bake your belt!
  • Avoid folding or squishing your belt into lockers or tight areas, or stacking belts on top of one another, which can crease or damage the foam.
  • Be gentle when tightening your belt. Avoid pulling and tugging on the black elastic webbing so hard it stresses the foam. It's best to take off your belt, make your size adjustment, then put your belt back on. This is especially important when there are multiple users of a single belt (such as in a swim facility). Only do this while out of the water!
  • Be careful not to puncture the foam by mistake. Glance over your belt frequently to check for punctures. If you see any, repair as soon as possible to prevent it from growing. Good news, a little super glue on a small puncture usually stops it in it's tracks, and the belt stays good for years. Please see instructions below and call us with questions.

2. I accidently punctured/tore my new belt. What should I do?
No worries! Our foam can usually be repaired with common super-glue! If you are not comfortable using super glue to repair your belt, give us a call toll-free 1-888-928-3749 for another alternative.

If you are comfortable using super glue, below are our repair instructions. Please know that we cannot be responsible for any mishap in the use of the super glue product, such as gluing your fingers together etc., so please be careful with it's use.
  1. Rinse your belt with fresh water and then let your belt dry completely. Make sure all moisture is out of your belt before proceeding…
  2. In a WELL VENTILATED ENVIRONMENT, preferrably outdoors, apply an adequate amount of "super glue" (also known as "crazy glue") to the entire surface area that is torn. Make sure to apply to both surface halves, coating the entire center area all the way out to the edges of the foam.
  3. Firmly press the two sides of foam together and hold for about 30-40 seconds. Be careful not to get any super-glue on your fingers or they will stick to the belt! We cannot be responsible for any occurances that may happen as a result of our customers using super glue, so proceed at your own risk.
  4. Let the belt dry for 15 minutes or so, then test the seal of the foam by gently pulling to see if it adhered. It should seal completely. If not, add a little more super glue until desired results are obtained.
  5. Let the belt dry completely for a few hours before using. Your belt is repaired!
  6. IMPORTANT NOTE: Super glue should only be used in a WELL VENTILATED ENVIRONMENT. If you have any questions... call us!

3. The foam on my belt has a few wrinkles, bubbles and imperfections. Is that a problem?
Not at all. Please know that small bubbles, slight imperfections and wrinkling is a normal result of our custom molding process and will not affect the durability and longevity of your belt.