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WaterGym Belt - Custom Fit Your Belt


It's important you take a moment to custom fit your new WaterGym Belt. Once completed, your belt will be very comfortable and you'll won't have to adjust it again. Before you begin, practice joining and releasing the side-release buckle a few times. Then proceed.....


 Custom Fit Your WaterGym Float Belt - Step 1
1. Start by holding your WaterGym Belt with the female part of the buckle lying flat in the foam groove as shown. IMPORTANT! Make sure that the buckle does not show any wording on the outside. If so, your strap is strung inside out and you need to flip the buckle/strap over to show the smooth side of the buckle on the outside (with no writing) as shown.

 Custom Fit Your WaterGym Float Belt - Step 2
2. Holding your thumb against the female part of the buckle, wrap the rest of the foam belt around your waist. Clasp the buckle. Keep the joined buckle over to the left side, close to the opening as shown. This enables you to tighten the belt.

 Custom Fit Your WaterGym Float Belt - Step 3
3. Now gently tighten the belt. Do not pull and tug on the black elastic webbing so hard that it stresses the foam.

 Custom Fit Your WaterGym Float Belt - Step 4
4. Now take any excess black strap and weave it back through the holes in the direction from which it came. Thread it though the first hole, and if you have a very small waistline, you'll need to also thread it through the second hole on the other side of the belt. Now your strap will be tucked away during your workout.

 Custom Fit Your WaterGym Float Belt - Step 5
5. Tuck any excess strap in under the belt to secure it. Wear your belt in the water. Make one more final adjustment if needed. (Our bodies stretch out a bit, so our waistlines may become a bit smaller) Now your WaterGym Belt is custom fit perfectly for you. All you'll have to do is clasp and unclasp the buckle and off you go!

IMPORTANT! Your belt should remain securely in place once fitted. If your belt slips and loosens up instead of staying down, it means that the male side of your side-release buckle might be accidentally strung upside down by the manufacturer. We try to catch these, but once in awhile they slip by ~ no pun intended!

You can easily remedy the situation by slipping the male side of the buckle off the end of the black elastic strap, turn it over, then restring it back the right way. Give the black elastic strap a tug to make sure it’s strung right. It should not slip at all.