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WaterGym Belt - Strap Instructions


Thanks for purchasing our WaterGym Belt Replacement Strap! Your new strap is milled and fabricated in the U.S.A. out of the highest quality black webbing to provide maximum comfort for your water workouts. Our strap is a universal design and fits any belt with 2 inch holes for our strap to weave through.

For the ultimate, hassle free, comfortable fit of your belt, please follow these quick steps below. Don't skip any! Each one remedies a problem that could potentially make your belt ride up.

  • WaterGym Belt Strung Correctly
    Illustration I -STRUNG CORRECTLY
  • WaterGym Belt Strung InCorrectly
    Illustration II - STRUNG INCORRECTLY

  1. LOOSEN up your strap.
    Our webbing comes tight out of the mill. Like a new pair of jeans, you need to stretch it a few times to loosen it up. Hold onto both ends of your strap. Give it a few good stretches.
  2. STRING your strap through the foam.
    Lay your belt on the table WHITE logo side up and readable. String the strap through the foam so it looks like Illustration I above. Make sure the FEMALE (receiving) side of the buckle is ON THE LEFT as above, and the MALE (3-pronged) side of the buckle is ON THE RIGHT. If you're left handed, string it in the opposite way if it's more comfortable for you.
  3. CHECK YOUR BUCKLE to make sure it's RIGHT SIDE UP.
    Look closely at the FEMALE side of your buckle. It should be smooth and black with NO engraved writing (manufacture’s info) facing up. If you flip it over you’ll see writing. If the writing IS facing up, then the buckle and entire strap are upside down. Flip entire buckle and strap over. If you don’t, your belt won’t tighten. Once your buckle and strap are right side up, clasp and unclasp the buckle it a few times to practive.
  4. SLIDE strap TO THE RIGHT.
    IMPORTANT! MOST COMMON PROBLEM! When our customers say their belt rides up, this is ALWAYS the problem. IF YOUR BELT RIDES UP try this step first. Before putting on your belt, your strap needs to look like Illustration I above with the FEMALE SIDE OF THE BUCKLE CLOSE TO THE FOAM. This is because the MALE (3-pronged) side of the buckle is responsible for tightening your belt. As it tightens, it slides closer towards the foam on the right. If the male side of the buckle is against the foam on the right as in Illustration II, your strap can't tighten because the buckle is too close to the foam.
  5. Custom fit your belt!
    Now wrap your WaterGym Belt around your waist. Clasp the buckle. Tighten your strap. Give the strap one more firm tug away from your body to make sure there's no slack around the back of the belt. Re-tighten.

    Prevent Your Water Belt from Riding Up Step 1   Prevent Your Water Belt from Riding Up Step 2   Prevent Your Water Belt from Riding Up Step 3   Prevent Your Water Belt from Riding Up Step 4   Prevent Your Water Belt from Riding Up Step 5
  6. Tuck excess strap away so it stays out of the way during your workouts!
    Your belt is specially designed so you can tuck any excess strap back through the holes from which it came, so it's out of the way during your workout. Tuck excess under the main strap in back.  
  7. Wear in the pool and adjust one more time
    Our strap settles a little after it gets wet. Also, your waist gets a bit thinner as you stretch out in the pool. So you might need to tighten your strap down one more time. Get out of the pool and take your belt off to make your adjustment if it is easier for you. Now your belt is custom fit and you are ready to go!

To prolong the life of your new strap we recommend rinsing it with fresh clean water after each use, especially pool is highly chlorinated. Dry indoors away from extreme heat or cold.
Don’t hesitate to call us Toll-free: 1-888-WATERGYM (888-928-3749) In California: 1-415-388-1079.