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We live in the same world as you. None of us like subscribing to a mailer or free offer and all of a sudden getting bombarded with emails.

Even worse is when we generously give money to a great cause and all of a sudden we’re on the "hit list" and asked for money every week. This is crazy making!

If you decide to join our us via our website or during checkout, you agree to receive periodic yet meaningful email contacts from us and us alone.

Here's a little embarrassing secret. In the 23 years we have been selling products online, we've never send out any marketing emails. The only emails we send out are to our customers immediately after purchasing or signing into our newsletter. With a list of tens of thousands, you’d think we’d get this one together, but we simply haven't. 

So you can rest assure that if we do start to send out emails to our list, it’ll be done with great consideration and hopefully with things you’ll appreciate such as news about our WaterGym Belts, new workout videos, special offers or workout tips.

We will never, ever share your information on any "spam" level with anybody.
  • Your address is used to verify your payment method, and used for shipment info.
  • Your phone number is used to verify payment method, and for us to contact you in case of any questions or problems with your order.
  • Your email address is used to confirm and thank you for your order, provide shipping and tracking information, to contact you if we have questions about your order, and/or to include into our mailer, which you can leave at any time!

If you still have questions about our privacy policy, or want to unsubscribe from our list, simply "unsubscribe" from any email we sent you or email us at or call us! We'll take you off our mailer immediately! We truly don't want to bug you or anyone- ever!

We know trust is earned and we want you to be happy about any communications you receive from us. We are located in California and our office hours are Mon-Fri 12-5 PST. You may call us direct at: 415-388-1079.

Thank you for your consideration and visiting our site!