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1. Are you completely sold out of your WaterGym® Belts? 

Yes, we're completely sold out at this time. However please read all below as there're 2 possible opportunities to get our belts in the future.
2. Why have you stopped making your WaterGym Belt? 

We stopped making our popular WaterGym Belt because in 2020 when COVID hit, certain raw materials that make up the liquid foam for our custom molded process became difficult to source, because they were also being used for PPP equipment such as gloves etc.

These shortages resulted in 2 years of diminished shipments/inventory, so we ceased supplying product to Amazon in 2020. Eventually our shipments ceased altogether and remaining stock flew out the door.
3. Will you ever make your WaterGym Belt again?

Possibly. We're not closing any doors and there are many offers coming our way. In the meantime, we're pivoting the entire focus of our business to our new WaterGym workouts and will see what the future brings!

Do you want us to contact you if we produce our belt again in the future? If so, make sure to sign up on our waitlist at the bottom of this page.

Our wait-listed customers will be the first to know of any future production runs, which may be limited. Also, we saved 10 boxes of belts of assorted colors and sizes in case needed for special events. We may let go of some of this stock. Folks on our waitlist will be the first to know if we do. First come first serve.
4. Are you going out of business?

No we’re not going out of business! We’re just letting go of our BELT business for now and pivoting the focus of our business towards our real passion - our WaterGym Workouts & Teacher Trainings!

We're actually SUPER excited about this! We've have some amazing new video workouts to share with the thousands of you worldwide who’ve been our loyal customers for years.

We’ll also be making short belt videos such as “How to take care of your WaterGym Belt so it lasts for years!” and more. And we'll also still stock our 50-INCH NON-ELASTIC REPLACEMENT STRAPS and other products. Stay tuned for WaterGym 2.0!

5. What's next?

Throughout 2022 we'll be selling out of all current inventory. After that we'll close our online store, take a break, rejuvenate, and to create our new products.

Sometime in spring of 2023 we'll be re-opening our online store with our fun new products and workouts. We'll update our homepage once we know as dates are still TBD.
6. Can I be contacted about your new WaterGym workout videos, trainings, or if you ever make another belt again in the future?
Yes. Just scroll down to the bottom right of this page. You'll see a blue box. Just enter your name & email to join our special list so you can be the first to know.

By the way, thousands of you are ALREADY on this list because you bought something from us! So you ALREADY know that in 23 years we've never sent you a single marketing email to you right?. We've only sent you an email when you bought a product from us. 

So please don't worry about us bugging you. We just want to be able to let you know when we have something new to share. Unsubscribe if you ever change your mind! OUR PRIVACY POLICY

Thank You for Being part of our WaterGym Worldwide Family!