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1. Are you completely sold out of your WaterGym® Belts? 
Yes. Since January 2023, we have been completely SOLD OUT of our WaterGym Belts. However, this may change in the future as we have opportunities we are looking into. If we do go back into producing our belt again, the folks who've signed up to our waitlist will be the first to know. See #8 below. 
2. Will you be sending out email updates? 
Only if there's something new to report. Please just check back to this page for updates. If it hasn't changed, then there is no new news.
3. I need a belt now. Is there one you suggest? 
We will be looking into this soon and posting something here because most likely it won't be until 2024 until anything moves forward. PLEASE NOTE: We held onto a few hundred belts in case we needed them for future events. We will let some of those go to our waitlisted folk if not needed. 
4. Why did you stop making your WaterGym Belt? 
In 2020 when COVID hit, certain raw materials that make up the liquid foam for our U.S. custom molded process became difficult to source, as these raw materials were also being used for PPP equipment such as gloves etc. These shortages resulted in 2 years of diminished shipments & inventory. And even though we were an Amazon Best Seller for years, we had to discontinue supplying Amazon and bring all fulfillment in house. Eventually shipments ceased and our remaining stock quickly sold out. 
5. Are you going out of business?
No! We're simply pivoting the focus of our business at this time from our WaterGym Belts to our real passion - our WaterGym® Workouts and Teachers Trainings! We're actually SUPER EXCITED about this! We've been teaching deep-water workouts for 35 years, and haven't released any other workout videos since our WaterGym DVD in 2000. We are thrilled to finally have time to make more videos to share with all of you who’ve been our loyal customers for years. And of course, if our WaterGym Belt business resumes we'll be thrilled about that too! :)

6. Is your online store still open?
Yes. However, in 2023 we're only stock a few products like our 50-INCH REPLACEMENT STRAPS for our WaterGym Belts etc. We purposely cleared out all inventory, because our 2023 focus is to quiet down into the creative process and keep our workload super simple until our new products are completed. We knew folks would need replacement straps so we're providing those at this time.

7. What are your office hours?
Monday-Friday, 12-5 PST. However we'll be taking some breaks in 2023. When we do, we'll put up a sign, close down our online store (you won't be able to place orders) and let everyone know when we'll be back. If you have questions, our direct line is: 415-388-1079. Leave a message and we'll get back to you once we return.
8. How do I get on your waitlist? 
Simply enter your contact info below. Add your size/color if you want. See our BELT SIZE PAGE. Our waitlist folks will be first to know if our belts are back in stock, first come, first serve. SECRET: In 23 years we've never sent out a single marketing email to the thousands on our mailing list because frankly, we've never needed to! Our high quality, U.S. made, belts have literally sold themselves. So please don't worry. We won't be bugging you. Unsubscribe at any time! OUR PRIVACY POLICY

Thank You for Being part of our Worldwide WaterGym® Family!