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35 Years of Water Aerobics Exercise for Water Fitness Enthusiasts!
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WaterGym® Weight Loss & Strengthening DVD / Music CD / Waterproof Card

$32.95 $29.95
(You save $3.00)

Product Description

Get Ready to:

    • Reduce Body Fat
    • Burn 300-800 calories per hour
    • Tone & Build Lean Muscle
    • Strengthen Abdominal Muscles
    • Increase Flexibility
    • Improve Posture & Alignment
    • ...FEEL GOOD & HAVE FUN while getting in shape!

Your 3-Part Workout System Includes:

    • Instructional DVD (50 min) 
      Above & underwater footage clearly demonstrating all 20 exercises & variations.

    • Music Workout CD (73 min) 
      With inspiring music & Susanne's verbal instructions. BONUS 30 mins of extra music only tracks at the end!

    • Poolside Waterproof Cue Card 
      12 panels of color photographs display all 20 exercises, on a free-standing waterproof card that is easy to see.

1. How do I use this kit while at the pool?
Watch the short video above to see how easy it is to use our DVD kit to learn your new exercises! If you don't have a music player, the music CD can be downloaded to your computer, then uploaded to your ipad, or iphone to be played by the pool instead. Just put them somewhere dry and shaded, like under a chair, if your devices are not waterproofed.  

2. Is the WaterGym Belt included with the DVD Kit?
No. However, we have a discounted kit: WATER BELT & DVD COMBO KIT

3. Is WaterGym effective for weight loss?
Yes. It's common knowledge that to lose weight you need to burn more calories per day than you consume. WaterGym focuses on the calorie burning aspect of weight loss by increasing your activity level through aerobic exercise, and increasing your lean muscle through strength training. WaterGym workouts are designed to work multiple muscle groups of the upper and lower half body at the same time, which results in greater cardiovascular output, oxygen consumption and calories burned.

4. How deep does my pool have to be to do WaterGym?
Your pool only needs to be deep enough to where your feet don't touch the bottom while wearing the belt. If your pool is more shallow, you can still perform many exercises by altering them slightly. For instance, if we ask you straighten your legs and point your toes, you can bend your knees slightly and flex your feet instead. This will prevent your toes from hitting bottom. However, if your pool depth is waist high, it is too shallow for this deep water program. We'll be making shallow-water workouts soon.

5. Do I get my hair wet?
No! Your head is kept dry and out of the water, so you don't have to wash or re-style your hair or redo your make-up. Many of our customers do WaterGym first thing in the morning and go straight to work afterwards.

6. Help! I don't have time to shop for a bathing suit! Can I wear something else?
Yes! You can simply wear a lightweight pair of shorts or leggings with a t-shirt or tank top, or whatever you are most comfortable in! GREAT BONUS! If you dread wearing bathing suit, please know that working out in deep water is one of the most private workout environments around! Did you realize that your body is hidden underwater so almost no one can see you? So don't wait to get a bathing suit - get started now! After only one workout, you'll feel great and be on your way to a stronger, more fit and healthier you.

7. I am a non-swimmer. Can I still do WaterGym?
Most of the exercises on this DVD are performed in water deep enough so that your feet don't touch the bottom. Therefore, we don’t recommend non-swimmers to participate in WaterGym because OUR WATERGYM BELT IS NOT A LIFESAVING DEVICE, nor is it approved by the United States Coast Guard as a life saving device. The WaterGym Belt is intended to be used by qualified swimmers for exercise purposes only, and should not be used by children or anyone who cannot swim unless properly supervised at all times. This is because the design of the WaterGym Belt will not prevent drowning because the buoyancy factor and its distribution in the belt is not sufficient to float a conscious or unconscious person in a "face out of the water" position.

That said, many of our customers and clients have enlisted proper supervision (ex: trained lifeguard or personal aquatic trainer) in order to learn our program so that they can reap the benefits of WaterGym. In fact, many have fallen in love with the water so much that they learned to swim. We are very proud of them!


Call if you have questions about our WATER AEROBICS WEIGHT LOSS DVD KIT.


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  1. best exercise program ever! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th May 2022

    love how the program challenges me- the ladies in the class inspire me

  2. More Water Fitness Options 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th May 2021

    The WaterGym Video/Music/Demo card is a great source of exercise options. Great resource for putting together a fitness routine or just emphasizing a particular body part. The waterproof card is a great crutch for class. The CD is becoming sunset technology as my music moved to playlists on my phone and Bluetooth speakers. NOTE FROM WATERGYM - - Hi Moses, you can upload the CD into your computer/iTunes and then download it to your phone and use your Bluetooth speakers with it. Please call us to help you! Thanks!

  3. Enjoyable workout 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Aug 2020

    Great DVD for working out in the pool.

  4. Been using for over 10 years 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Jun 2020

    I bought this for a friend. Its a good workout and has kept me motivated to do daily water aerobics for years.

  5. Great workout 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Aug 2019

    I love the concepts of this workout. My only suggestion is to develop a download for phones for the music. I work out by myself so I would like the ability to use Bluetooth headphones and my phone. - - NOTE FROM WATERGYM - - Hi Debbie, you can upload the CD into your computer/iTunes and then download it to your phone and use Bluetooth headphones with it. Please call us to help you! Thanks!

  6. Water Fun 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Apr 2018

    The kit is well put together. It was easy to use and very helpful. I am learning a great deal from the cues and handy chart.